When considering the need for network security most businesses believe that cyber threats come from criminals that use highly sophisticated methods to breach corporate systems and steal valuable information. While this can be the case, often the biggest cyber threats come from within. Not always a dishonest employee or business partner stealing precious corporate data, but cybercriminals exploiting employee network access.

It is no longer sufficient to put anti-virus on computers and assume that corporate assets are secure. It is important to protect the business from the outside in as well as educate employees. This is critical as more businesses support remote workforces.

Venmar's experts understand the unique challenges today's businesses face trying to keep their data secure. We strive diligently to prevent network intrusions, minimize network attacks, increase networking security and prevent virus events.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center:

  •  As of 8/18/15 for the year 2015 there have been 505 (reported) corporate data breaches. 139,667,595 Records exposed.
  •  As of 1/05/15 for the year 2014 there were 783 (reported) corporate data breaches. 85,611,528 Records exposed.

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