The backbone of every CEO's 21st century Business Continuity Plan is data recovery an uptime.  The worry of every system administrator is how to recover from a critical system failure.  The anxiety of every user is how to restore a file accidentally deleted.  No matter where you are on the corporate recovery is paramount.

Data loss can be very costly, particularly for small and medium sized businesses where the difference between survival and bankruptcy can rest on the ability to recover from a disaster.  For all businesses, critical data loss will have a financial impact.

One of the biggest oversights is not taking into account how to remain up and running while waiting for a repaired server.

Considering your own backup and recovery plan, do you know how long your business would be down in the event of a critical server crash?

It is more than just having a backup of data.

Venmar understands this and works with its clients to create a backup strategy that fits both their business and technology needs.  So whether they are looking at developing their Business Continuity Plan or protecting data on a single laptop we can create a cost-effective, secure, solution that will reduce time to recovery thus reducing the financial impact in the event of a disaster.


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